Chile-University of California Partnership

UC Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley welcomes Chilean students pursuing higher education at the University of California, Berkeley. Berkeley is the top U.S. destination for Chilean graduate students under Becas Chiles, and Berkeley is excited to further its long-standing relationship with Chilean students and universities and to participate in the Chile-California Program on Human Capital Development.

Founded in 1868, UC Berkeley ranks first in the United States in the number of graduate programs in the top 10 in their fields. UC Berkeley is recognized in many rankings as one of the top universities in the world. 21 UC Berkeley faculty have won Nobel awards, including 8 current faculty. Berkeley alumni have won 24 Nobel Prizes.

UC Berkeley and Chile have a long-standing relationship, which includes UC Berkeley's Center for Latin American Studies hosting former President Ricardo Lagos and President Michelle Bachelet. "California and Chile are linked by a deep bond and a sense of community, and for that reason, I have looked forward to coming here to share the good news of Chile's success." President Michelle Bachelet said in her speech at Berkeley after being awarded the Berkeley Medal, UC Berkeley’s highest honor on June 12, 2008. We look forward to deepening this bond and inviting you to apply for graduate study at UC Berkeley.

Researching UC Berkeley Departments and Programs

Before you apply to any graduate program, it is important that you do your preliminary research. Reading the faculty's Web pages, articles, and/or books will provide you with a window into their research to see if it matches your future interests. In many cases, you can contact the department to see if current graduates students are available to answer questions about their experience in the department. For more information, please visit the Graduate Division.

Applying to and Preparing for UC Berkeley

The Graduate Division's Admissions web page provides directions about applying to UC Berkeley for graduate school. Chilean students should also consult the Graduate Division's International Applicants web page and UC Berkeley's International Office website for information specific to student Visas, TOEFL testing, and living in Berkeley.

Virtual Tour of the UC Berkeley Campus

Students who are unable to come to UC Berkeley for a campus visit, can take a virtual tour of our beautiful campus.

Graduate Division Help Desk

If you have questions about the admissions process or need further advice and assistance, please contact UC Berkeley's Graduate Division Help Desk .